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Secret's Out Idaho

Mar 31, 2019

Few people can say they’ve made it to the Olympics, let alone win gold and change the way their sport is played forever. This week’s episode we hear from Dick Fosbury, 1968 High Jump Gold Medalist and creator of the signature move the “Fosbury Flop.” Listen in to hear how he overcame challenges to become one of...

Mar 24, 2019

Camas County, Idaho is truly a hidden gem. From its natural beauty, the world-class restaurants and tight-knit community, 4th generation farmer and county commissioner Travis Kramer gave us a preview of Southern Idaho’s Camas County. In the latest episode, hear what it was like to grow up in town where you could bull...

Mar 17, 2019

We talked with Idaho state park expert David Langhorst all about the wild, historic and diverse landscapes to explore in our region. In this week’s episode, get the best-kept secrets and tips to make any trip to Southern Idaho an adventure.


Explore Southern Idaho’s state parks:

Mar 10, 2019

Jake Weimer’s childhood dream was to become a motocross champion. After competing on Team USA and 13 years of motocross racing, find out why Jake made his way back home to Rupert, Idaho.


Experience the Southern Idaho lifestyle:

Explore career opportunities in Southern Idaho:

Mar 3, 2019

This Pennsylvania native moved out west in a school bus turned camper and grew up living off the grid in rural Idaho. Listen to hear how Sonya Haines’ unique experiences led her to a life of giving back with the United Way of South Central Idaho.

Learn more about the United Way of South Central Idaho on their website