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Secret's Out Idaho

Aug 18, 2019

This week we talked with three generations of cowboys and entrepreneurs. Hear from the Young family on their history in the rodeo, the business of healing animals and why “there’s nothing like Idaho.”

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Aug 11, 2019

The healing power of natural mineral hot springs is a medical marvel and why this week’s guest, Jane Olsen, says her grandfather created Miracle Hot Springs over 60 years ago. Listen to hear how Miracle Hot Springs got its start (alligators included), what’s so magical about the Hagerman Valley, and a few tips on...

Aug 2, 2019

A passion for helping others brought this local business leader, community service advocate and life of the party back to Twin Falls, ID. In this week’s episode, Mark Hansen shares his favorite local events, ways to give back and places to explore in Southern Idaho—with plenty of great places to eat along the...

Jul 28, 2019

“Life’s never given me lemons, but life did bring me to Idaho and gave me potatoes.” On this week’s episode, we’ll hear the second half of Liyah Babayan's story- about how she’s rebuilding her life through entrepreneurship (including potatoes), community and friendship in Twin Falls, Idaho.



Jul 21, 2019

Liyah Babayan and her family escaped genocide and became refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho. Hear her share her journey to achieving the American dream and becoming an author and entrepreneur in this two-part episode.

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